Budget film production

Here is a short list of educational videos, software, and production gear ranging from nothing to small budgets.

Youtube is filled with tutorials but a couple of personal favorites are Film Riot and Indy Mogul.

They have suggestions, examples, and how to videos for building your own gear.

Speaking of gear if you are wanting to purchase items I would suggest searching for refurbished gear, I use a Canon 32GB VIXIA HF G20 camera for a lot of my work, I have seen this camera sell for $800 but here is sells for $600. Also some rental houses will sell used gear and finding online sources for other film makers selling their used gear can be a great way to start building your own up.

Lights can be obtained at your local hardware store, pick up some can lights and some led bulbs. They usually have a clamp on them so they can be hung up or you can look for portable work light. Some parchment paper can defuse the light. Also reflectors can be made by purchasing a car windshield reflector from dollar stores that can be glued to a poster board and make excellent reflectors. In a pinch tin foil can also help.

Below you will see a video I made using only a cell phone, a cheap tripod/phone mount that cost less than $15 and a free software that I think did an excellent job for my first time using that program.

If you are interested in 3d animation check out blender. a free open source 3d animation software.


And remember that skill comes from practice, every time you make something you will get better.

If you have any suggestions for ways to work on a budget please email me and I will add it to this page.