I have done many terrible things in the course of my life but I can only think of two mistakes. The first was taking up the sword that contained an ancient spirit that compelled me to fight. At least it never asked me to take an innocent life and only seek those that also walked the warrior's path. The second was the day I met the bard named Finbar.

This was the one that truly made me a monster. It was while working alongside of him that I took the lives of the innocent, or at least those that offered me no threat. I lured others into a trap that lead them all to turn on each other.

Maybe there will be some salvation for the strange magics that follow this man around have altered the sword the spirit dwells in meaning it can no longer be used in combat and we have struck a new deal. I will work to construct it a new vessel, a legendary vessel that will be used in epic battles for centuries to come. A weapon that can change the balance of nations in the right or wrong hands. By taking up the new quest I hope to avoid having to kill others and seek a life of crafting behind a forge.


For whomever finds this, I do not seek forgiveness for my actions for I believe there to be none. This place alters people and brings out the worse in them.  I hope that is a fate you can avoid but if you are here now I can do nothing to stop that curse. No, I write this in hopes that I can spare you a worse fate. Should you ever meet a half elf calling himself Finbar, run. Run and don't look back for he is no mortal but a devil the likes of which should not walk this plane. He emits chaos and destruction and those that he surrounds himself with are infected with it worse that the poor souls infected with the scaly herpes  that have infected the most wretched of this place.  Stay far away from this monster in you value your conscious and morality for those will wither in his presence.