The main purpose of this page is to provide information about my plans to make fan films based off the books of The Supervillainy Saga by C.T. Phipps.


Right now I have some ideas for a full trailer for the first two books and if everyone has fun with this project I'd like to make more videos based off this world.

I still need to work out lots of details so right now there are no schedules. That will be dealt with once I have some idea about who is involved and what locations I can get.

Planning to film in the Franklin/Spring Hill area as that is close to home for myself but willing to travel a bit to get the right locations.


Below are descriptions for a few of the characters in this story but there are many more if we get to them.


If you are interested in acting or in helping behind the scenes for this fan film you can reach me at


Here is a link to recent trailer.

The Supervillainy Saga:
First book characters-
Gary/Merciless - already cast - Received a magical cloak that grants him super powers and without asking any questions about where it came from decided to become a villain. Has issues, lots of issues.
Cloak - The spirit that resides inside of the reapers clock. Only Gary can hear him (mostly) and he attempts to explain to Gary what he needs to know to not get himself and others killed by using their power and persuade him to act as a hero. He understands none of Gary references. (In book described as sounding like Christopher Lee) (voice only)
Mandy/Night Huntress -  Gary's wife and future superhero. Trained by her father to one day be a hero she is smart, strong, and thinks Gary is nuts for what he is doing but supports him anyways. (In book described as 5'2" Eurasian with pale skin) (Death takes her appearance to talk to Gary)
Cindy - Former medical student now professional henchwoman to varies villains in town. Makes lots of sarcastic remarks and dated Gary in highschool. (In book red head with pale skin)
Diablo Man - Former A-list supervillain now forced to work as hired help to other lesser villains. Diablo man is strong and smart and loyal to whomever holds his contract until they betray him or insult him one time too many. 

Second book/future video characters
Amanda/Nightwalker - Obtains the second of the Reaper's Cloaks and is trained by Sunlight to be a hero. Despite that Gary doesn't mind her.
Sunlight - Nephew of the original Nightwalker he is a semi-retired (gadget) superhero that has been off drugs for years. He has an over the top (and might have been committed for a while) "for justice" attitude but despite that and his age he is still tough thanks to "Ancient Tibetan calisthenics". Wears bright yellow costume with domino mask.
Angel Eyes - Mortal avatar of the Greek god Adonis. Very powerful and vain. (In book described as Brad Pitt's younger more attractive brother. Wears a phantom of opera style mask and suit often.)
Ice-cream Man and The Typewriter - villains that didn't survive their first encounter with Merciless but don't let that stop them from trying to kill him. (zombie makeup would be needed for anything after their first battle)